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Choosing a camp
With so many camps from which to choose, how do you know which camp is the best one for your child?

Here are some topics and questions to consider:

Camp setting
    Religious vs secular
    Rugged vs high comfort
    Distance to camp

    Single gender vs mixed gender
    Age range of campers
    Grouping of campers
    Total number of campers
    One-time experience vs ongoing commitment

    Day vs overnight
    Length of stay
    General vs specialized (sports camp, etc)
    Structured schedule vs choice
    How well maintained is the program equipment?

    Tents, tepees, cabins
    How modern are the facilities?  What does "rustic" really mean?
    How well maintained are the facilities?

    Volunteers vs paid
    How are staff selected and screened?
    If a denominational camp, are all staff from the denomination?
    How experienced is the leadership?
    How well trained are the staff?

Food service
    How nutritional are the meals?
    Does the kitchen staff cater to dietary needs?

Health and safety
    What health services staff are on duty?
    How many staff are trained in first aid and CPR?
    What's the camp's track record for safety?
    Are risk management policies in place?
    Are emergency procedures in place for severe weather, lost camper, etc?

    Does the price relate to the quality of the camping experience?
    What's included in the price (snacks, crafts, T-shirts, etc)?
    Are discounts available (early bird, sibling, recruitment, etc)?
    Can child earn money for camp (fundraising, Bible memory, etc)
    Are camperships available?

    Ask other campers.
    Ask other parents.

Associations / Accreditations
    American Camping Association
    Christian Camp and Conference Association